Funding Friday: The Collective Museum of Private Collections

I like this project and backed it earlier this week.

You can back it here.


Comments (Archived):

  1. sigmaalgebra

    That’s really artsy art.I can like art, some of it a lot, but essentially all of it has to be, say, just for a first necessary quality but not nearly sufficient, at least 50 years old!I can like a good new performance of some favorite music that is old; there’s a lot of old music that could be performed still better!

  2. Susan Rubinsky

    Wow. I absolutely love this idea. As an art lover who does not collect, I love that the public will be able to see and access these hidden works.

  3. Christopher Seshadri

    This is a pretty cool idea. Maybe we should tell our company’s photographers about this.

  4. DJL

    This is super cool. I collected photography for many years. 80% is in boxes.I always wanted to create a collector-2-collector marketplace. (Which probably exists but I have not seen it.) This would facilitate that as well.

  5. kirklove

    This is a great idea. I’m hopeful it succeeds though so far online/digital galleries have languished. The private collection is a great innovation here. Very hopeful for this. Art is the best. The art world not so much.

  6. awaldstein

    I wonder why not simply standardize on NFTs for these as secondary markets will surely develop?

    1. VR-All-Art

      NFTs are not as easy as they seem. Ownership is a complex issue, especially when there are multiple legal rights that need to be represented (or traded) sometimes separately. Owning an art piece on your wall does not give you the right to publicly exhibit it or digitally show it. Most crypto (or even regular) art projects do not cover all these important topics.

      1. awaldstein

        These are excellent points.I think moving towards this though is worth the discussion and intent.As an art collector and someone entrenched in the space on the environmental side, I’d be interested is seeing possibly even participating in thinking this through.

        1. VR-All-Art

          Tokenization of ownership model is not a simple “share” in the piece, as “ownership” is actually a whole range of legal bindings that author/seller and buyer agrees upon. Question is, can different rights be tokenized – answer is yes, and in so many creative ways. Should there exist a secondary market for such rights – yes of course. But “owning” a piece of Picasso without the ability to exercise your ownership in any way is useless. When we move from the actual piece into digital and virtual arena, things start to be interesting.So, yes, lets talk 🙂

          1. awaldstein

            sure.though owning a piece of a lichtenstein or a condo is not useless though different in intent than owning our Honu the CryptoKitty.its all about [email protected]

      2. jason wright

        Ownership, but without the right to publicly exhibit. Right, or opportunity?

        1. VR-All-Art

          Depending on the contract you have with an artist, but it makes sense that you want to limit what an “owner” can do with the piece. Using the piece in commercial purposes can’t be the same as hanging the piece on your wall. Exposing it to the public also questions the purpose of the exhibition, accessibility and intent. Of course you can own all these rights, if they are for sale. Then if you can trade the rights, we have a market. So yes – an opportunity.

          1. jason wright

            Thanks. It’s super interesting.

  7. Mac

    Brilliant solution. As a prolific artist, from the 1940s through the early 1980s, my grandmother left our family hundreds of oils and watercolors. Spread around dozens of families, we can now bring them together in one place. Thank you.