Getting Out Of Town

The Gotham Gal and I are going on vacation for a couple weeks.

I will turn on my out of office responder and stop responding to most emails.

I plan to continue to write here daily but the timing of the posts will change. They will probably happen much earlier in the day on US time.

I am hoping for a bit of distance and reflection from the world of tech and startups and maybe that will result in some good writing. Who knows? One can hope.

#Blogging On The Road

Comments (Archived):

  1. Dale Allyn

    Happy trails!

  2. awaldstein

    Have fun.If i see you on the train from Milan to Savoie, I’ll say hello!

  3. Greg Kieser

    Enjoy! Did you grab “Dear Machine” for your summer reading, yet? I’d be willing to bet you find some of my hypotheses and perspectives on innovation valuable and interesting.PDF available here: https://www.supersystemic.l

  4. Jeff J

    Safe travels and here’s to a relaxing time away.

  5. David C. Baker

    That’s a good plan! And since the dogs got me up at 4:45a and my mind is in a crazy place, here’s how you could get completely away from things for that period of time:–Appoint 14 people you trust to each write a topic on “What I think Fred would say about ____.”–Have a mod repost some of your comments on the posts that generated the least number of comments and their suggestion about why that was.–Write them in advance and put them in the can.Okay, yeah. Probably not all that helpful. 🙂

  6. James Fayal

    Enjoy the time off! I’ve always found I think best when most disconnected.

  7. Tom Labus

    Enjoy your time off!!

  8. jason wright

    ‘You can take the boy out of the town, but can’t take the tech out of the boy’.You’ll always be a gridder 🙂

  9. pointsnfigures

    have fun, take your tabasco.

  10. KB


  11. Thierry Ascarez

    Enjoy your holidays!

  12. Guy Lepage

    Nice! Enjoy your repose.

  13. Darren Herman

    Safe travels! Enjoy some much deserved R&R

  14. Mike

    Safe travels.

  15. Joe Marchese

    All time away from work is time well-spent. Enjoy the moment… safe travels.

  16. Richard

    You’ve always been your grumpiest the week before vacations. Grumpy, now there is safe word one can use to call out a stranger!vacations are good medicine.I’d like to see companies begin to include vacation matching funds in pivotal anniversary years with employees. Whether you are white collar blue collar, or new collar, vacations matter.

  17. WA

    Bon voyage. What Donna said. Travel well.

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