Dronebase Insights

I was sitting in my backyard this weekend looking up at the roof on my house, which I can’t see because of a parapet, and wondering how all of the solar panels we put up there a few years ago are doing. I was also wondering how the roof itself is doing.

Then it hit me that USV has a portfolio company that can help. I went to my Dronebase account and ordered a drone mission that will do an aerial inspection of my roof and also a thermal inspection of our solar panels.

Yes, one drone pilot with an off the shelf drone can do all of that for me in less than an hour.

I scheduled the flight for next week and should have a full report with aerial imagery and video and thermal scans of the solar panels within a few days after that.

And I am going to get all of that for a less than it costs me to keep my pool serviced!!

But it gets better. Today, Dronebase is announcing that it has acquired the Drone Reports business from Betterview and will turn that into a new product line called Dronebase Insights.

From that blog post:

DroneBase Insights aims to help insurers and property managers assess damage and mitigate risk for commercial properties, and we’ll expand our offering over time

So now you can get a full blown report from Dronebase in addition to aerial imagery and video and thermal scans.

I didn’t order that myself this weekend but maybe I should have. I probably will next time.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Jonathon Blackburn

    Really interesting. I’d be curious to hear the outcome as well, in case you’re looking for a topic next week.

  2. awaldstein

    A natural new behavior that may very well become the norm Fred.Those are the game changers I really like.

  3. Alison Chace

    Love this

  4. jason wright

    yogic flying.

  5. Richard

    Shocker, Fred tells 1/2 the story. We need legislation. It’s not all good. My girlfriend was at a spa resort this weekend – drones flying above the women’s area – this should be treated as a class of rape.So sad to see this level of Mendacity

    1. Simone Brunozzi

      Rape is a very different thing, please. But I agree with your general sentiment.

      1. Richard

        Rape broadly speaking is unwanted sexual contact. You may be thinking that rape requires penetration, and it does in some jurisdictions. But I correctly said the use of drones for the purposes of sexual satisfaction without consent should be treated as a form of rape. This is a correct statement of fact. So no it is not a very different thing.

    2. Chimpwithcans

      Shocking, but there must be legislation against this? If the owner of the drone went down to the police station and said “look what I got, and look what I am using the footage for – you can’t do anything to me cos I was well within my rights” – I’m pretty sure they would be wrong. Maybe it’s more a matter of enforcement than legislation?

    3. Nicholas Osgood

      Unfortunately, with any form of technology, bad actors are going to do bad things with that technology. That does not make the technology inherently evil. DroneBase was founded to bring actionable data and insights to enterprise customers. Drones are saving lives via emergency response efforts, removing people on ladders or dangerous locations, and can significantly reduce the costs of inspections.

  6. Simone Brunozzi

    “And I am going to get all of that for a less than it costs me to keep my pool serviced!!” – Fred, please, we don’t need comments like this – it almost sounded that a telemarketer took control of your writing for a few seconds! Just tell us what the price was.

    1. Richard

      But wait there is more, act now!