Funding Friday: Medicine Of Time Travel

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a reader. She asked if he could subscribe to this blog without the funding friday posts. He thought they were “spammy.” I replied to him “think about them as the ads” and politely told him that wasn’t possible.

I love funding things. And I love sharing the things I fund with all of you.

I saw this project this morning and backed it instantly. A musical art project. Awesome.


Comments (Archived):

  1. kenberger

    umm, the reader could be told he could pay that subscription fee to someone who will write him a rules-based client-side email filter (or do that himself) 😉

  2. creative group

    CONTRIBUTORS:The Funding Friday may not appeal to everyone every Friday but there had to be at least one funding Friday that each reader found of interest.Fred’s Philanthropic endeavors compliment our views on giving back to the community you receive so much from.To whom much is given much is expected.What doesn’t apply use the sponge & rock analogy.Captain Obvious!#UNEQUIVOCALLYUNAPOLOGETICALLYINDEPENDENT

  3. jason wright

    Interesting book. “CHAPTER FIRST”…”CHAPTER SECOND”…I find it hard to overcome my tattoo prejudice.

  4. DJL

    These Friday posts are like opening a present. It’s fun and surprising to see what you curated for the group.

  5. Seth Godin

    My favorite reader mail to date was the person who wrote in to say that they wanted me to write fewer posts per week, as it made them feel bad to realize they were falling behind.”If I don’t want it, no one else should have it.”

  6. Mac

    He might struggle watching The Tour de France. Mile after mile of “spammy”. But, it’s awesome.

  7. kirklove

    Funding people trying to bring heartfelt projects to life is the best. There is this amplification of positivity that happens. A “Let’s all rally around this and make this a reality”. It’s intoxicating.Long live Kickstarter and Funding Friday.

  8. Richard

    My Dad wrote to the producers of Mash in the final season thanking them after 10 years for finally giving him evening back. They wrote back and offered him a writing gig for the following season.

  9. Roger

    Isn’t this a comically simple program task? Do not push or do not display . . .

  10. Tyler Lyman

    I like your funding Friday and have backed several of the projects you have recommended.