Audio Of The Week: Sarah Beatty and Montgomery Builds

The Gotham Gal loves this conversation with Sarah Beatty about her Montgomery Builds project and suggested that I give it a listen. So I am doing the same with all of you.


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  1. sigmaalgebra

    Hint: All that stuff about renewable, sustainable, climate change, global warming, carbon footprint, CO2, greenhouse gasses, etc. is just a flim-flam scam, fraud, scientific nonsense, and a fad now on its way down. Some people got some subsidies, got their competitors saddled with nonsense, killed lots of bats and birds, lost a lot of money, threatened the stability of the national electric power grid, and were generally uninformed, misinformed, just plain wrong, and dangerous.E.g., Tom Friedman of the formerly revered, highly self-esteemed, small town rag of NYC, NYT claimed that CO2 absorbs sunlight. Okay, let’s see: Get some CO2 and see if it casts a shadow. E.g., exhale, pop open a brewski, go for the good stuff from Champaign, or just get a fizzing, 32 ounce Diet Coke and see if any shadows are cast. If you see a shadow, by all means take a picture!All that global warming stuff is no better than the Mayan practice of killing people to pour their blood on a rock “to keep the sun moving across the sky”. Literally.A good presentation of the facts is in The Great Global Warming Swindle…If you are long on the renewable scam hysteria, then be ready to take a short position quickly. Even tulip bulbs were a better fad — some of the tulips were pretty, and there’s nothing pretty about killing lots of bats and birds and, as in the video, converting the hellish lives of lots of people in third world countries to double hell.You two remind me of two Amherst college students, the ones in…

  2. Richard

    What do we know with certainty ? Politics is the world’s biggest industrial complex and the climate change is the only policy that seems to be resonating for the Democratic Party.If Co2 will end life as we know it within 10 years – then China is the problem.https://uploads.disquscdn.c

    1. Matt A. Myers

      Climate change is only policy? Clearly you have bias blinding you from all that is UBI…

      1. Richard

        I can’t follow the logic of your argument. But unlike UBI – I haven’t come to any conclusions on C02. Mostly because It would of take a disproportionate effort to do so.There are 100 million dogs in the US producing 3.6 billion gallons of unfiltered. The number of studies I’ve run across on the effect of all this urine on climate is zero.

      2. Richard

        I make my living off the evening newsGive us dirty laundryDon Henley

        1. Matt A. Myers

          Fair enough if you base your conclusions on information from bubbles, and not a foundation of critical thinking. ;)Yang will get the DNC nomination BTW. 😀

          1. Richard

            Even with this group of misfits candidates, Yang is polling at 2%! Until housing costs are under control, creating money for the poor will result in higher rents. Never mind the effect it would have on open immigration (which Yang sidesteps in every interview). There is a reason why inflation is 1% the economy and 4-6% for housing.

          2. Matt A. Myers

            He’s polling higher than 2%, and I’ve never seen him side-step immigration questions? He regularly highlights the main areas people have trouble with, where inflation comes from: health, education, and housing – and his policies will benefit all of those. Competition will create solutions – there will be 40,000,000+ people who perhaps will only have $1,000/month to live off of – that’s a big market, a lot of money, for the most efficient organizations can compete for.

          3. Richard

            Shifting the demand curve doesn’t lower equilibrium prices. It moves the equilibrium price up the supply curve. It’s increased supply (or lower demand) which lower prices. If you haven’t done so, my recommendation is to take a macro Econ class or pick up a old copy of samuelsons classic macro text book.

          4. Matt A. Myers

            I understand those concepts – and there will be increased supply, increased mobility, reduction in costs, etc.

  3. Mike

    Fascinating history. Spent a little time in Birmingham but only passed by Montgomery.