Funding Friday: Positive Exposure

My friend Holly showed me this Kickstarter for a project she’s been working on for a while now.

POSITIVE EXPOSURE, founded in 1998, utilizes the arts, film and narratives to present the humanity and dignity of individuals living with genetic, physical, behavioral and intellectual differences.

And they are opening an art gallery in Harlem NYC to showcase works that celebrate these individuals.

I backed the project earlier this week and I am sharing it in case you want to back it too.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    This is good.I once worked in a medical bookshop linked to a major teaching hospital. Some of the medical books (from publishers like John Hopkins University Press) were incredibly graphic in their depiction of diseases and conditions. Some of the ‘freaks’ i had the misfortune to work with (one in particular) took great delight in flicking through the pages to find the photos that most satisfied the needs of their warped minds. Arseholes. I was glad when i left.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Never heard of this before! Thanks for sharing it. Amazing project.

  3. Matt A. Myers

    Looks like a great, important project.Another important effort to be aware of, and an example of what $1,000 / month from Presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s #1 policy UBI will do for just one family – for a man taking care of his dying wife from MS, also taking care of 2 of their disabled parents: he posted this video on Twitter, Andrew Yang also replied and retweeted it:…This is a link to the man’s GoFundMe if you feel like contributing:…There’s ~$3,000 left of $6,000 total requested to cover his dying partner’s final expenses.And here’s some positive exposure for Andrew Yang’s speech at DNC yesterday:…He got standing ovation from everyone.Not left, not right – but forward. #HumanityFirst #YangGang #Yang2020