Audio Of The Week: Full Body MRI Scans And Machine Learning

My friend Gordon suggested that I listen to this podcast about MRI scans as an early cancer detection tool.

I found it super interesting and maybe you will too.

#hacking healthcare

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  1. David Fox

    Audio player error (in both Chrome and Safari).

  2. Simone Brunozzi

    I understand you want to post every day, but sometimes your posts are a bit too thin – it would have been nice to know what you found interesting in the podcast, and it would have taken you only a couple dozen seconds more. It would have helped me decide if it’s worth listening to it or not. Thanks Fred.

    1. Jim K

      “Brevity is the sister of talent.” – Anton Chekhov

    2. kenberger

      I had an uncle who once said, “At these prices, these are the jokes you get!”

    3. sigmaalgebra

      A “thin” post gives you an easy opportunity to make the content thicker!

  3. jason wright

    I’ve had a couple of `MRI scans. The first time was quite a daunting prospect. I had to come out after only thirty seconds. The sense of claustrophobia was a bit too much. It was an older machine, a long and narrow tunnel. Very enclosed. I didn’t like it at all. The better ones are more like the flat donut shape. They’re much more agreeable. My ‘Brain Learning’ (BL) process.

  4. pointsnfigures

    My friend’s sons have to do this once a quarter. Cancer runs in their family. Sam has survived it since he got a brain tumor at age 14. He is going to college as a freshman now. You can read about there story here: