Funding Friday: Deep Green

This project is art meets climate activism. I backed it this morning and now am sharing it with you.

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  1. jason wright

    This feels unduly pessimistic about the future, and the idea of a film archive for future generations to be able to see what we had but that will not be there in their time has a hint of (to use an in vogue word here in the UK) surrender. Nature always reconstitutes itself. The fossil record shows that. The human species may not survive, but nature will.This is a real ‘archive’, for actual nature;

  2. sigmaalgebra

    Nice scenery. The US, from Florida to Alaska, from Maine to San Diego, and between, the US is awash in gorgeous scenery, and there are tons of books, films, etc. celebrating those wonders. One more film? Fine,Climate change? The geological record clearly shows that the climate has always been changing, from the cooling of the 1940s back, literally, to the big bang.Broadly the reasons for these changes are well understood from solid science.In particular that science shows that humans have had no significant effect on such changes and have no realistic ability to have any such effects now. In particular, human efforts to affect climate change are ignorant, uninformed, misinformed, wasteful nonsense.In short, it ain’t a problem, and when there’s no problem don’t fix it!But it IS pretty scenery!

    1. eric

      I’ve been searching for some climate data that reaches back to the big bang. Could you provide the references for that?

      1. sigmaalgebra…Temperature 10^32 K, some serious warming.All the elements on earth in the periodic table other than hydrogen necessarily were created at astoundingly high temperatures. Much heavier than helium, they were created in exploding stars and/or neutron stars. Essentially all the iron was created in the centers of stars, hot enough there to give a serious sun burn!

  3. sigmaalgebra

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  4. KB

    Very cool

  5. Dan Epstein

    Worth sharing on a Funding Friday (via…

  6. Richard

    History rhymes – AKA good artists steal we need a screaming preteen at the next SEC meeting to fight for crypto currencies

  7. Mike

    It’s “pay the bills” day. Yesterday the WSJ reported that over $250M was spent on Influencer Marketing in Q1 2019.….About 100 years ago the first radio stations began broadcasting to regional audiences with sponsored advertising. Today we each have the ability to create our own individual broadcasting networks that can reach global audiences of millions, if we have something of interest to share.