Funding Friday: Make Pizza On Your Camping Trip

One of the things I like about Kickstarter is seeing repeat creators coming back with new innovations. I backed a project like that this morning.

I also love pizza and making it in wood fired pizza ovens.

So this project checks a few boxes for me.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Patrick

    Ooni is an established company with a successful product and real sales already. Do they really need to raise funding via Kickstarter for a (mildly) new product? I understand why they would WANT to, but it doesn’t really seem like what Kickstarter is for, in my opinion.Why should I pre-pay and fund a company to develop a product if they already have the means to take that risk themselves? Especially when they already tapped this well once before.That being said, I did back a Rheem product a few weeks ago because I really want the product. But it really rubbed me the wrong way that Rheem, a WELL established company, was asking customers to front them cash instead of spending corporate R&D money instead.

    1. pointsnfigures

      It’s a good way to test the market before committing the capital to build out the business

      1. Patrick

        I get why it’s good for the company. And I see the real benefit for both sides when it is launching a company that might not be able to get off the ground without that pre-validation and pre-funding. But I question whether it is ‘legitimate’ to ask this of the customer in this particular case, especially when it’s not to launch a business, but to launch an incremental product.In this particular case, it is only a SLIGHT variation of an existing product.I don’t know. I just have a negative reaction to it. And I have been seeing this more frequently lately. ‘Add on’ Kickstarters.

      1. sigmaalgebra

        WOW! Amazing automation. Gorgeous car body. But (1) it appears that the automation could run 2-3 times faster. (2) What will that gorgeous car body look like after a few winters of road salt!

        1. jason wright

          Yeah, it is amazing, but also just a little bit unsettling. The mode of things to come? Jobs!!

          1. sigmaalgebra

            For the “jobs”, have the human consume more stuff.Actually, we very, Very, VERY much need to consume more stuff; we’re consuming so little we are a poor country. Poor? We are poor in the very most fundamental sense: We don’t have enough stuff, especially three bedroom, two bath houses and cars, to have kids; we are having so few kids we are going extinct, literally, rapidly; we’re VERY poor and going extinct.We COULD go back to the lifestyle of 150 or so years ago, but if we are to have our science, technology, communications, medical progress, etc., then we need MUCH more stuff, in particular, much, MUCH more economic productivity for stuff because for good family formation, that is, not going extinct, we need much better motherhood, stay at home moms. By sending the women to work, we are “burning the candle at both ends”, getting stuff for our lifestyle but neglecting family formation. Bummer. Darwin is VERY unhappy. We need more stuff, and we need much more economic productivity so that we can get that stuff for family formation without the women going to work — much more stuff from many fewer workers, that is, much more productivity, e.g., lots more automation.So, have more jobs making more stuff — cars, three bedroom, two bath houses, back porches for dinner parties, pizza ovens, more bluejeans and baseballs for the boys, more pretty dresses and dolls for the girls, and LOTS of REALLY GOOD educational resources, WITH adult teachers, for the children. Yes, with moms that stay at home and be good as wives and mothers, later good matchmakers for the kids, later good grandmothers, etc.That’s what Darwin INSISTS on and WILL get eventually, even if on the way we have to prune back the gene pool to people who REALLY want such families and then vote ONLY for politicians who REFUSE to waste our blood and treasure on feeding their egos in absurd foreign adventures, also REFUSE to waste our treasure on the just WACK-O $billions, $trillions of 100% waste fighting “climate change” and the bad ozone and helping the good ozone, etc.That’s what we need. That’s what Darwin wants, and it’s not nice to try to fool Darwin. For 1+ billion years, Darwin has always won, and he will win this time, too.We WILL quit the waste. We WILL have good family formation. We WILL have more stuff, really more productivity of stuff, as needed by family formation. And, then, for producing this stuff, we WILL have more jobs. Along the way there will be plenty of weak, sick, or dead limbs on the tree, but in the end Darwin WILL do as he always has done, he will WIN.What we are doing on average now is JUNK and will NOT last.

          1. sigmaalgebra

            Nonsense. Nearly 100% total nonsense. Brain dead. Politics. Propaganda.Each mention of the environment, the climate, carbon, or CO2 shows that the material is just nonsense.The history is wrong: Electric cars go back to the beginning of cars near year 1900: Then there were lead-acid batteries, essentially just like we use in cars today, and electric motors, also essentially like we use today. The problems were (i) charging time and (ii) range, just like today.Yup, as we’ve known well for decades, electric vehicles can work for wheelchairs, golf carts, and fork lift trucks. They can work for light use, short trips, not very often, in good weather in dense cities.There is a LOT of traffic on the US Interstate highways, and essentially NONE of it can be replaced by electric vehicles.Hybrids? Sure, terrific but with just one fundamental problem — have two drive trains instead of just one. So, it’s too expensive. Besides, hybrid doesn’t please the anti-CO2 scam alarmists.Apparently China is VERY short on oil for gasoline but has plenty of coal but doesn’t want to make gasoline out of coal. So, maybe the Communist Party dictators will push electric vehicles as a way to power cars with electricity from burning coal in electric power plants. Here, again, the anti-CO2 scam alarmists won’t be happy. And any Chinese trying to drive like we do on US Interstates won’t be happy, either. But in China, the people don’t have to be happy; only the Communist dictators do.Norway? I don’t know: Politics? A small country with not much serious driving? Even then, the electric powered cars are subsidized and mandated. So, they are taking this money out of the pockets of their contemptible, deplorable, irredeemable Walmart shoppers.For nearly all of Europe, any attempt to use electricity to beat cars working well with gas or Diesel tanks will be just a huge waste of time, money, and effort. And ALL of Europe is so poor, has their citizens so short on money, that they can’t afford to have children or form families, have the birth rate so low they are going extinct, literally, rapidly. Eventually, even if only from Darwin, they will catch on and STOP the waste.

  2. Raj

    I make a lot of pizza and naan outdoors and tend to use propane with my Roccbox since propane is not hampered by the elements. Wood requires care and feeding that ultimately is difficult when in the middle of trying to roll out dough, etc.But making pizza and naan outdoors has become an obsession. It’s a beautiful aspect of cooking and I love it.

  3. pointsnfigures

    Hmm, how do I store this….not to start fight, but Chicago > NYC when it comes to pizza : )

    1. sigmaalgebra

      Certainly true when measure the thickness of pizza!

  4. jason wright

    This is my camping/ bikepacking cooking solution;…56 grams, sans gas canister.Did he say 26 kg? I may need a bigger bicycle.

    1. Matt A. Myers

      A product that screws onto this that creates an oven tray would be great – though I understand the “use wood” pitch of the Kickstarter product.26 Lbs, no kg.

      1. jason wright

        Ah, 26 Lbs. Still much too heavy 🙂

        1. Matt A. Myers

          We can just give it to Chad to carry.

          1. jason wright

            I need an assistant.

  5. William Mougayar

    I’m a big VPN pizza aficionado, and if this oven can go up to 500C at this price range, it’s a killer oven. Am getting one. My favorite style of pizza is the VPN Naples style, which cooks in 60-90 seconds tops. I also make my own dough using 00 pizza flour and a 24 hour fermentation period.

  6. sigmaalgebra

    Lots of good looking stainless steel!For “camping” trips? Naw! Too much to carry on a camping trip. BUT, maybe for a back porch or back yard!Every detail about pizza is a HUGE point for someone. But if relax some of the details, there’s a MUCH easier approach, camping or just the kitchen:First make some dough: To a 5 quart pot, add 750 ml of water and 1 T (tablespoon) of dry yeast. Mix until the yeast is moist, maybe 60 seconds. Add 1 T salt. Right away before the salt kills the yeast, add 1 Kg flour roughly in 1/3rds, mixing after each 1/3rd. The last third won’t “mix” very well. Dump onto a lightly floured (with maybe 1/4 cup of flour roughly scattered) pastry board. Press, fold, press, fold, etc., that is, knead, for about 8 minutes or until the dough is well mixed and springs back. Depending on the exact moisture content of the flour, may want to add, sprinkle on top or, better, on the board to be under the dough, flour, up to 1/2 cup, during the kneading to make the dough less sticky — the dough does not have to stick strongly to fingers. Put the dough back in the bowl, cover, and let rise to fill the 5 quarts. Form the dough into a log across the pastry board and cut into 8 equal pieces. Place each 1/8th of the dough in a covered container (e.g., get a supply of dozens of really cheap 1 pint containers and lids) and refrigerate overnight to let the dough relax — else it can be too springy for easy forming into a pizza.For camping, form each 1/8th into a circle 7″ or larger in diameter and heat at 100% power in a microwave oven for about 3 minutes (YMMV). Then take these prebaked pieces on the camping trip or wherever want a pizza.Then for the pizza, get a simple restaurant style stamped sheet steel frying pan and something in the way of a lid that fits. Add sauce, cheese, pepperoni, or whatever to make a pizza, place in the pan, add the cover, and place over a fire, e.g., a camp fire. YMMV but with the right amount of heat, the pan and lid will form a simple oven and melt the cheese and further cook the dough. And the pan will yield the coveted crisp bottom to the pizza.It can be really good!My version of pizza sauce has some crushed garlic (to your taste, and garlic varies) warmed in some olive oil and then with a 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes and a 6 ounce can of tomato paste. Then mix, add some of the usual suspects, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, heat, say, to 180 F with stirring to make the temperature roughly uniform, to sterilize, and refrigerate in some covered container.For one pizza I use about 3 T of the sauce. For cheese, the standard is shredded, part skim mozzarella — I use about 1/4 cup. Pepperoni is relatively expensive, maybe 10 cents a slice; I buy the pepperoni sliced and use six slices per pizza. Of course, could use other toppings. I also like to add, once the pizza is out of the oven, quartered, and on a dinner plate, about 1 T of freshly grated Pecorino Romano cheese.Amazing US agricultural productivity: Last time I did the arithmetic, if get the flour in a 25 pound bag from Sam’s Club, then the flour for one pizza is about 9 cents!Depending on toppings, the ingredients for one pizza cost about $1. If already have the dough in the refrigerator, then can be eating a pizza in about 20 minutes.For the yeast, there is “active dry” and, intended for bread machines, “fast rising active dry” — in my experience either work fine in the dough recipe here.For the details of dough rising and resulting effects on pizza flavors, others, including on this forum, have more information than I do, and I wish they would explain.Of course, if a HUGE point is having the wood smoke flavored burned spots on the top of the crust “that can ONLY be achieved” from a wood fire at 500 C, then my little approach won’t work!

    1. Cecelia

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  7. Tom Labus

    Large green peppers, please!!

  8. chris bramhall

    thanks alot! Now I have the ooni pro and spend the weekends inventing things to cook with it. good company and founder and crew attitude. fan! Thanks for mentioning.