Funding Friday: Malware Blankets

This is a cool project that combines textiles and malware. I backed it this morning.

Projects like this always makes me wonder what someone will think of next.


Comments (Archived):

  1. JimHirshfield

    Your contribution will literally make a material difference!

  2. Vitomir Jevremovic

    Storytelling is what creates added value around art. Every additional layer of information boosts psychological effect of perceived value. We can extrapolate this even on brands, companies or products.On the topic of crypto in correlation to this topic, I had a conversation with a friend that is also in crypto and he has a loyalty app using block-chain. When he was looking for investors for ICO in Asia, he had meetings with potential speculatorish investors. When he said he had a prototype app, they were not interested! They said they were looking for projects that had NOTHING, just a cool story and promises.. as then people can project themselves into these stories and imagine the future. When you have a product, that was not good for them, you can try it and see it. They were not interested in real-life, only storytelling investments. 2018.

    1. awaldstein

      Story is everything in art.This is my take on it as it relates to NFTs and the art and collectible market that may be of interest.

  3. jason wright

    Do you discover these projects in a purely serendipitous way, or are you made aware of them directly by the creators and/ or KS? One whole day is only 24 hours short.

  4. Mike

    Looks a little like an integrated circuit layout. Very cool if you are a circuit or software designer. A niche market for sure, but a loyal customer base.

  5. DJL

    Supposedly lots of malware morphs and builds from previous versions. You would see the patterns evolve over different textiles. Very strange and cool.

  6. Lawrence Brass

    I would love a poncho made with the latest linux kernel code!

  7. Susan Rubinsky

    This is beautiful and amazing. I love when people unite two very different mediums to create something new. Thanks for sharing.

  8. jason wright

    You two have me in stitches.