Funding Friday: The Truth Has Changed

On the day of a massive climate strike here in NYC and elsewhere around the world, I thought it appropriate to highlight this film/tour project from Josh Fox which I have backed.
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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks.I”m marching today.

    1. Kirsten Lambertsen

      The NYC strike looks *huge*!!

      1. awaldstein

        beyond.i see this as a get out the vote for the next election as well and that is very hopeful. unstoppable actually.

        1. Kirsten Lambertsen


        2. JLM

          .Climate change is not a voter moving issue right now. This is simply the numbers speaking. It is not me.Even amongst Dems, the poll question “The candidate must share my views” only polls at 27%. That is amongst Dems. To put that into perspective, 78% of Dems disapprove of the Trump admin handling of Hurricane Dorian. Yet only 27% of Dems really GAS about the candidate’s view on the broad issue of climate change. Staggering.Same question: Reps 17%, Independents 19%.Amongst Dems, “I won’t be considering it” polls at 13%.Same question: Reps 47%, Independents at 35%.”Just one of many factors” — D 60%, R 36%, I 46% <<< do you see the odd disconnect with the Dems. It is their issue, but 60% say it is “just one of many factors”. That is the reality of the situation.There is no traction on the climate change issue. It is not determinate of base voter interest and it is not a spur to get folks out to vote. It is, literally, confusing to the electorate as the issue is so complex they cannot sort out the details.Even funnier — supposedly every Dem beats Trump in the general election; however, every Trump position — when not identified by name — puts Trump atop the heap.This is just statistical/political science. In the recent North Carolina Dist 9 race, wherein the Dems and the Reps flooded the zone with money (of which my #1 son was the head of fundraising for the Rep winner, Dan Bishop), the same pattern emerged. The polls said Dan Bishop would lose. He won.BTW, that was the 2nd most expensive Congressional campaign in history. It was a fair airing of how Trump will do in a contested state. It surprised the Hell out of me that they got that turnout and those results.Everybody hated Trump. Trump came to NC the night before the vote for a rally.The predecessor Rep had won by 900 votes (in an election that was overturned because of Rep political consultant corruption). The current winner, Rep Dan Bishop won by 4X that amount though the polls had him losing handily.What is really interesting is to take a look at the Approve/Disapprove ratings on the Trump admin handling of Hurricane Dorian which breaks down exactly along party lines.None of this stuff matters in 2020. YET. It could change, but it will take a candidate to make it happen and right now no climate change candidate is out there.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

          1. Cecelia

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          2. sigmaalgebra

            WOW!!!Amazing.Climate alarmism finally well on the way to the land of retired hula hoops.

          3. Tom Labus

            What Happened to leadership!!

          4. jason wright

            ‘political science’ – it sounds reassuringly objective. If only it was.

    2. DJL

      What you marching for or against? What specifically are you hoping for?

      1. awaldstein

        You are asking whether i believe climate change is real or not and a call to action? And whether I think that building a community of groundswell is valuable for social and governmental change?Very much yes and yes.

        1. DJL

          I was just wondering if the protesters had specific goals or were just getting riled up to raise awareness. I was not there and we didn’t have one in Texas.

          1. awaldstein

            If interested watch what is going on at the UN this week.This is an organizing principal to get out the vote and change the conversation.A successful one cross government, industry and very much so in the investment and entrepreneurial communities.This is how change happens, how focus and action comes out of collective uproar. This is how so many of the major changes in my lifetime have happened as they all start on the streets with protest.

    3. jason wright

      How did it go Arnold?

      1. awaldstein

        Inspiring.This is how political change happens in this country.

    4. Richard

      Get back to me when there is a march against gas powered leaf blowers AKA the exempt polluter.

  2. kenberger

    I had the privilege of participating in this event at Blueyard VC in Berlin this week, and it was mind-blowingly informative, sobering, and yet encouraging:…Takeaways:- the agenda here shows some really ambitious, venture fundable projects that can potentially really move needles.- that we don’t have even 10-20 years that some projects say they will need.- and of course, there’s also the underlying message that people changing behavior in a massive way helps a lot (stop wildfires, go vegetarian, etc)

    1. awaldstein

      Good share.All we can do is change behavior, education, consolidate community and move forward.I work with two environmental non-profits that are doing great work, lending them my expertise. And supporting where new tech, especially NFTs and the blockchain can help rethink philanthropy.

    2. jason wright

      Why does Medium have to have a sign up wall just to read?

      1. kenberger

        looks like the link can be viewed directly. I just did that in an alternative browser that isn’t logged into anything.

        1. jason wright

          Thanks. What browser are you using? I want to read this.

    3. Mike

      Also, see the event below in NYC later this month focused on early stage ventures in the areas of energy efficiency and sustainability.

    4. jason wright

      Was it filmed?n.b. I managed to get to the Medium post through a different browser. Cheers.

  3. jason wright

    I spy a contradiction. The truth can never change. Only lies can change. Climate is not Fortran.

    1. Girish Mehta

      In 1989, before the fall of the Iron curtain, if you were asked how many countries existed, the answer was approximately 174.Today, if you are asked the same question, the answer is much higher.Both answers are true. Some facts have a half-life. Some other facts do not have a half-life.

      1. JimHirshfield

        It’s called time…it changes, my friend.By your logic, the answer to “what time is it?” is untrue a millisecond after the words are uttered.

        1. Girish Mehta

          That was the point. It applies to some truths as well. The idea that truths can never change is not true.

        2. jason wright


      2. jason wright

        The land in 1989 is the land today. Its division and designation has changed but it is still the same land.

        1. Girish Mehta


          1. jason wright

            By 2049 you may be right. Climate change may change how much land there will thirty years from now. That is conjecture, not truth.Words! 🙂

    2. awaldstein

      Everything changes.

      1. jason wright


        1. awaldstein


          1. jason wright

            Does a colour change? The spectrum of light (the speed of light). They seem to be immutable qualities.If truth is guaranteed only when it references things that are not of our creation then what does that say about us?

  4. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Love it. This is, in my mind, one of if not THE most critical theater of battle for the foreseeable future—disinformation. It’s going to take a *cultural* change, and I think the tech community is going to need to lead it.

    1. DJL

      Bit tech is already leading in disinformation. Google and Facebook have already admitted to it. So they are well on the way.Ironically, this guy is full of disinformation. How do you determine what a “climate refugee” is? People are coming to the US because of democracy and freedom from oppression. Same in Europe. It has nothing to do with the temperature. How can society be on the edge of collapse because of climate?Sorry, this is a bunch of hyperbole to raise money and draw attention to himself.

      1. sigmaalgebra

        But, but, but, how can you???? How can you doubt????Humans are EVIL. It was the original sin!!!!The leading human EVIL of our time is human transgressions on the pure, pristine, 100% all-natural, virginal Mother Earth. The worst transgression is greedy humans burning fossil fuels that Mother Earth has left deep in the ground. Then the CO2 is wrecking the planet. Transgression!!! Horrors!!!! Alert the Politically Correct Police!!!!Then there will be retribution, a terrible swift sword of flooding of NYC, people choking on all that CO2, temperatures rising well over 100 F everywhere, all four seasons, all latitudes!!!! Massive deserts. Starvation. Penguins to polar bears and everything between, land, water, air, ice, massive extinction!!!! Wages of Sin!!!Then there will need to be redemption. That will require massive sacrifice. Everyone will have to do their part, send their money for the $trillions of the Green New Deal, put Fauxcahontas and AOC in the White House, etc.Or Al Gore in the White House?Understand now?????!!!!!

        1. DJL

          Yes, comrade! Forgive my ignorance. I am making out my donation check to One World Government as we speak.

      2. avip

        He’s quoting the IPCC climate refugees report which you can (and probably should) read here… (careful – pdf). Notably, numbers include within-country dislocations (nation-state borders are pretty meaningless when it comes to climate)

    2. Richard

      I don’t know how people can march for something that that don’t hate the scientific background to make a judgment on. March against Second Hand Smoke and public smoking. Now that’s something I can support.The US produces just 2% more CO2 than we did in 1990. CO2 for the next 10 years is a china India issue.Here in LA, Smog, while improving, needs further improvement. But today, I still can’t travel from LA to the Desert by train. We have 75000 people defecating in the oceans, litter everywhere. I’d rather see these kids picking up trash vs marching on the streets. But that’s not where the $$$ are.

      1. Andrew Cashion

        There is a passenger train here from the desert to LA.

        1. Richard

          Not a dedicated line – The current train makes two stops a week at 1230 AM.It’s like living in the 1800s.There is no real effort to make public rail a serious means of travel in the US.The US climate change – the world is dying – crowd will take their cars home this evening.Climate change is an industrial $$ complex with benefits.

      2. DJL

        Actually, US CO2 emissions have declined over the last 20 years. So let’s wreck the economy fighting for something that has already happened?But logic no longer matters to these people. As Biden said, “We prefer truth over facts”.

  5. DJL

    Terrible to indoctrinate the youth like this. I guarantee all the kids skipping school to march have not heard both sides of the “climate” argument.Here kids skipped school today because of flooding. Ironic? Perhaps. But at least their teachers didn’t blame it on their parents.

  6. Daniel

    No question there’s a worldwide pollution problem. But a climate crisis? I’m still waiting for the great ice age freeze I was promised in the 70s.