Funding Friday: Of Sight And Sound

I backed this project this morning. I am a big fan of artistic collaboration and the amazing things that come from it


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  1. awaldstein

    Love this.Such a huge step beyond the collaborative efforts of words and graphics on broadsides that I grew up in.And the strange interactions of theatre groups going out in public places and bringing the audiences into the play.Thanks for the share and safe travels.

  2. mikenolan99

    Really like the Kickstarter posts – though I go through the stages of engagment way too fast:1. Awareness (I didn’t know this existed 30 seconds ago)2. Desire (I must have this! – about 1m)3. Purchase (Click!)

  3. awaldstein

    For those interested in this one, might check out this blockchain project.

  4. Andy G

    A lot of talent out there that is not mainstream. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  5. Vendita Auto

    “The “Art” Of The Deal “made me smile todayhttps://email.howardlindzon…

    1. Richard

      Wow. That’s the same time that Fred sold his Apple Stock. Trump and Fred are two sides of the same coin.