Funding Friday: Shapeshift

Our portfolio company Kickstarter is running a cool crowdfunding event called Shapeshift that is focused on “bold new products made from recycled materials.”

You can see them here and back the ones that are interesting to you.

I did that this morning.

Here is one of the Shapeshift projects I backed:


Comments (Archived):

  1. awaldstein

    Cool.Been watching this movement and like it as one part of the solution.

    1. Tito Jankowski

      Air mining is an essential part of moving the needle on the changing climate. Check out the largest community of entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers working to mine carbon from the air, http://airminers.orgShoot me an email if you want to chat more, I’m at [email protected]

      1. awaldstein

        Fascinating–thanks.The more I dig, the more I learn.

  2. Tito Jankowski

    Wahoo! Great to see Shapeshift mentioned here, and thanks for joining our Negative campaign, Fred!The Negative bracelet has been on a total tear, 500%+ funded. We’re using direct air capture to pull carbon from the atmosphere and make stuff with it. 40 hours to go!Join us:

  3. awaldstein

    Back at ya my friend!Lets do a Zoom next week and catch up.

  4. JimHirshfield

    Slick new photo of you.

  5. Tito Jankowski

    Appreciate your support, @disqus_AsyAYSvW65:disqus! Doing ridiculous things can often open up new ideas and industries. 40 hours left on our campaign!