Video Of The Week: The Crypto Custody Business

A few weeks ago my partner Nick and Sam McIngvale, who runs our portfolio company Coinbase’s custody business, did a talk at the CoinAlts conference. In it they talk about the evolving role of custody in the crypto markets, and what they are excited about in crypto in the next few years.


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  1. Rob Underwood

    For those interested, related video on crypto custody and a few other decentralized topics, as well as quantum computing, from a talk I moderated at Moody’s in March, as part of the Open Source in Fintech Event Series, w/ Dan Guido of Trail of Bits and Patrick Nielsen of Clovyr.

  2. Kenneth Gaytan

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  3. Ɓukasz Sawicki

    I’m very curious about what the cryptocurrency market will be like in the next years. It’s so dynamic and changing constantly.