Calling All Founders

NYC’s Partnership runs some outstanding accelerator programs.

There is the flagship Fintech Accelerator which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In this program, founders are connected to the CIOs of the top banks, brokerages, and insurance companies in NYC as they work on their products and pitches. Over the past decade, 69 graduates of the Fintech Accelerator have raised over $1bn. I have written about this program frequently. It is an example of something that you could not do anywhere other than NYC.

And then there is the newest one, the Transit Tech Accelerator, where founders who are building transit companies are connected to the leading transit systems in the NY Metro area while they work on their products and pitches. The MTA is piloting four technologies they found in last year’s program and there are six more transit systems involved this year.

If you want to apply to the Fintech Accelerator, do so here.

If you want to apply to the Transit Tech Accelerator, do so here.


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  1. awaldstein

    Be useful if there was another city based accelerator, one that focused on blockchain implementations to help develop and measure the city’s progress towards its environmental goals.We have huge goals and seems like a great magnet for innovation and support.

  2. jason wright…Quite a few interesting posts here about the issues of and possible future solutions for urban transportation.NYC seems obsessed by financial returns from going up while ignoring possible returns from going down. Is this the heaven and hell Judeo-Christian cultural template?P.S. Although Crossrail is still not ready it does highlight that NYC is many years behind London in getting to grips with ageing transport infrastructure;

    1. awaldstein

      Don’t understand this, can you explain:”NYC seems obsessed by financial returns from going up while ignoring possible returns from going down”

      1. jason wright

        Above ground level the never ending construction of luxury residences corrupt foreigners can invest their dirty money in, while below ground level the critical infrastructure of the city ages to the point of failure. A way must be found to incentivise financial capital investment in the subway and utilities systems because the cost is going to be enormous and the US doesn’t seem to be a country that approves of public funding for public infrastructure. Its reputation for high quality public infrastructure is very poor.

        1. awaldstein


        2. creative group

          jason wright:Priceless information of historical proportions in one space on the 57th St Billionaires row.ThanksCaptain Obvious!#UNEQUIVOCALLYUNAPOLOGETICALLYINDEPENTANT