Video Of The Week: Duolingo On SNL

Our portfolio company Duolingo was the subject of a funny skit on SNL a few weeks ago.

#hacking education

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  1. Dan G


  2. Bob

    Hi Fred! Random (but honest) question – I notice many SNL skits now integrate brands/companies – are these paid placements? If so, how much does a company like DuoLingo pay to have a dedicated short created?

    1. kenberger

      Nothing random at all about your question. Well-worded too.

    2. jason wright

      They’re not random.

  3. WA

    That was great! LMAO

  4. Erin

    I was doing the Korean language on Duolingo and I would get crazy weird practice sentences like, “she eats the bed”, “the mountain is cute”, and “let’s not leave pictures.”. Lots of stuff that I’d never use. I’ve migrated over to LingoDeer till they fix the issue.

    1. Erik Bullen

      I’m using it to teach my daughter German. No problems so far, so perhaps they are isolated to certain languages.

      1. Cpt. J. Tuttle

        That’s right. I’ve completed French, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian and am now doing Italian: Asian languages have a reputation for being occasionally wonky. Indonesian is recognizably in beta. Major Western langs are all pretty great. Duo is also not a phrase book: the vocabulary is useful; the phrases are often willfully obscure to make you think.Viel Glück beim Deutschlernen!

  5. Kirsten Lambertsen

    You know you’ve made it when you get your own SNL skit 😀 I imagine you were aware of the #shitDuoLingosays hashtag a couple of years ago on Twitter?

  6. awaldstein

    Crossover to popular culture from tech has a long history.A buddy watched this skit on SNL and shared with me a tape he had of when CREAF crossed over and had a series of questions on Jeopardy back then.

  7. sigmaalgebra

    Very clever. Looks like a lot of work.

  8. jason wright

    Duelingo?Next up…talking to my bot.

  9. pointsnfigures

    Just saw where you can buy a house in Italy for $1.20 if you commit to fixing it up. Duolingo would be essential…. : )