Video Of The Week: Filecoin and Web3

In this video, Juan Benet, founder of our portfolio company Protocol Labs, talks about how Web3 is coming together and what Filecoin and IPFS’s role in it will be.


Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    I was in the audience (this past August 2019) in Berlin, and Juan did an amazing job covering the extensive activities behind Protocol Labs.(Discl. I’m also an investor in PL).

    1. jason wright

      Why do people always say ‘disclaimer’ when it’s so much more like a ‘proclaimer’, at least it seems that way to me. Either he did an amazing job or he didn’t.

      1. Girish Mehta

        Discl. = Disclosure, not Disclaimer.People may sometimes say disclaimer, but the correct usage is disclosure.

        1. jason wright

          Thanks Girish. You’re right.I wish people would not abbreviate, or at least add (meaning). It still feels like a procl. (proclaimer).

  2. Tom Labus

    Carlos Beltran, new Mets manager.

    1. Richard

      Taking that 3rd strike, ouch.

  3. Jordan Jackson

    Love the part where he maps values to technical implementations. So often values are lost in subjective interpretation of words.

  4. sigmaalgebra

    ForThink of the big changes that are coming with virtual reality, augmented reality, brain/machine interfaces, AI, machine learning, and so on. Naw!!!!What’s with this “coming” stuff? I.e., we’ve been hearing about these for long enough; why are they not here, instead of just coming, now?For “virtual reality, augmented reality”: Since some such has already been done but is not very common, maybe there are no big applications yet? That is, no big need?For “brain/machine interfaces”, what the HECK! Having computer nerds use some such to put stuff INTO my brain? NOT a chance! No way! Ain’t going there.Using a bunch of wires attached to my head to take “interface” data OUT of my brain? I’m not conscious of my brain waves! So, I can’t be in control of the quality of what gets transmitted. So, for anything at all important, NO WAY.For “AI, machine learning”, naw, not a chance anytime soon!AI? We don’t have even as much as a weak little hollow hint of a tiny clue about how natural intelligence works for humans, primates, canines, felines, …, octopi, …, politicians who want $90+ trillion out of the pockets of US Walmart shoppers to fix the weather????For machine learning, so far that is take a lot of data and fit with networks of sigmoid functions. It’s a special case of empirical usually non-linear curve fitting.The learning is from hype down to fraud: So, the coefficients from the fitting are regarded as a “machine” learning.The work, again, essentially just empirical, nearly totally ignores pure and applied math since Newton. For progress, that is too much to ignore.Net, for what that is good and “coming”, the list in the video is not promising.

  5. Mike

    Maybe an approach to Web 3.0 is to not view de-centralization as a binary choice, but as a spectrum of operating models where these tools can help organizations become more de-centralized in their operations, or to offer de-centralized products and services that generate value for customers and users. The idea is not to replace centralized organizations, or operating models, but to offer tools that allow them to operate in a more de-centralized manner when there is a compelling value proposition to do so for various stakeholders.