Video Of The Week: The Recount Recap

I wrote a bit about our investment in Recount Media last month.

I have found their daily videos that give me what I need to know in five minutes or less a godsend.

This past week was a blur for me as I was on the go all week and could not catch up on anything.

So to be able to get a sense of Wednesday night’s debate on my phone on the subway between meetings was so great.

Here is that video:

If you want to get more videos like this, you can download the Recount iOS app and/or sign up for their videos delivered via a daily email. You can also follow the Recount on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    If people base their voting decision on this type of anti-thought attention grabbing content then the US is coming to an end, and right quick. This is even worse than the typical coverage of the MSM, which is already very bad.Online media is becoming ever more like traditional media, with corporate and middle classes conspiring against the rest of society.

    1. sigmaalgebra

      I don’t know, I can hardly even guess, why the MSM is so bad, but off and on I’ve tried to find out.To me the MSM is manipulation, deception, lies, propaganda, with determined neglect of essentially all important information, but, maybe for some of the audience, entertainment.In a sense, the MSM sewage — essentially just routine manipulation, …, not really the worst possible — should not be much of a threat: Typically humans over the age of 21 or so have in parts of their own lives and experience already seen a lot of manipulation, …, etc. and are able to detect and reject what they get from the MSM.For an example, here is some of the MSM: this video clip, the “track record” of at least CNN and MSNBC should, for as long as there are copies of that video clip, be just sewage. Their audience should be going away quickly.In…is a review by Congressman (R-CA) Devin Nunes where he ends saying that the voters are leaving the MSM for better news sources.The hope, then, is that the voters will reject the MSM sewage. Part of the reason for such hope is that the usual biggies in politics, especially for a POTUS, are peace and prosperity. Then, the MSM and the Democrats appear to be irrelevant, just firing blanks, because neither is addressing either peace or prosperity.But on both peace and prosperity Trump seems to be doing especially well.Just why the MSM is pumping essentially just insulting, irrelevant sewage and going rapidly out of business — IIRC Newsweek was sold for $1, WaPo for not much more — I don’t understand.But few organizations, other than Mafia, drug dealers, or slave traders, have more deserved to go out of business.

      1. jason wright

        A product constructed to get (attention) from the consumer but not give (function) to the consumer is a fail.

  2. harvestgrand

    This app is great to catch up on what the far left never Trumpers are up to in case you have been away from the TV.5 Stars *****

  3. DaveGoulden

    Best part is no talking heads opining about what just happened.

  4. JLM

    .It is disappointing to learn that a smart guy like Fred Wilson has such a shallow intake of important events. I actually don’t mean that as a criticism of Fred, but rather the monumental things that will be done with that paucity of information. He has clearly stated that his time was focused elsewhere, as, arguably, it should have been. He has huge responsibilities.This 5-minute video attempts to summarize the content of a “debate” amongst the candidates for the Dem nomination. Fred is a Dem, so it would be folks like him this message is intended for, and he would want to absorb this information to be able to make an informed, intellectually founded, critical decision as to the merits of these candidates.I don’t think one can with this abbreviated information. Not sure you could if you had seen the entire debate. [Andy Yang went more than half an hour without using his vocal chords. Seems patently unfair.]Fred, a thought leader, may in the future offer an opinion as to a candidate with such a shallow basis for thought development. When he offers that opinion, this will be the intellectual basis for that opinion. The essence of critical thought, intellectual curiosity is facts, data, and analysis — not 5-minute fight at the hockey game summaries.Would Fred’s opinion meet that standard of critical thought and intellectual curiosity given what he has indicated he is watching?The other big thing is this — the “debates” are a charade. This is true of both parties though the Republicans can usually be assured of hostile questioners rather than fellow travelers, cheerleaders.There was not a bit of real debate on Thursday night. There was some mildly NASCAR-car-wreck-flavored, made-for-TV, mud slinging, but no real intellectual jousting.The media peronages selected to conduct this lingerie faux cage match are predictable media/political proponents lobbing not just slow balls, but meatballs.Who doesn’t ask, “VP Biden, your son was placed on the Board of Directors of Burisma. Was he qualified to serve in that position given his education, industry knowledge, language skills, and the geographical location of the company? If not, why did Burisma want him on their board? Is this a prima facie example of influence peddling?”Follow on question, “VP Biden, your son’s compensation from Burisma was $1MM per year. The board members of Exxon/Mobil receive $1-200,000 plus less than 100,000 market value stock options as compensation. These board members are often C-suite denizens of other Fortune 100 companies with industry experience. How is that Burisma level of compensation justified? Can it be justified?”While I am picking on VP Biden by the subject matter, it is just an example. It could be just as much — “Mayor Pete, you have run a city of 100,000 which has experienced substantial racial tension. One of your black Council members has endorsed your rival VP Biden. How will you draw black voters to the Dem ticket?”It is a crying shame that the Presidential Debates are not hour long one-on-one single candidate discussions in which a candidate can present their platform, explain it, defend it, and answer questions about it from other than sympathetic media mammals.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. Tom Labus

      I think it’s FatBoy on trial for extortion!!!

      1. JLM

        .Fat Boy has consistently been a step ahead of Inspector Clouseau and the Do Nothing Congress.I hope he goes to trial in the Senate for the sheer entertainment of it.Today, I bet that the Congress will come back after getting a barbed wire enema from their constituents and will go to some weak wristed Letter of Censure.”Let the people decide” will be the next rallying call as the pigskin hangs in the air off the foot of those punters.Pres Trump will use that as a cudgel to beat the Dems into mush come November.I do wish somebody would do some legislating. It would be nice to have the USMCA ratified, particularly for us in Texas though it is hard to imagine the economy getting any better.I thought Pres Trump was hilarious today at the “pardoning of the turkeys.” You should see the video. It’s funny AF.Happy Thanksgiving to you, Tom, and to all of the AVC worldwide and intergalactic contingent. We all have much to be thankful for. God bless you, Tiny Tim.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  5. Jim Ritchie

    More dumbing down of America in the post-Twitter information age. It reminds me of the announcers at a pro wrestling match, without the poise and decorum one normally finds in the WWF. Check this beaut from Recount Media

    1. JLM

      .Seems to be very standard leftist fare with no value added. A small addition to the noise.Not worth even critiquing.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

      1. sigmaalgebra

        MAYBE THIS is the explanation!!!!The Democrats are trying to lead essentially a fashion fad — have people join an in-group!As we know, it’s possible to build a fashion fad out of and about absolutely nothing real.The attraction of the fad is to be part of a group, hopefully the in-group of the fad.As for lots of in-groups, the new members must demonstrate their devotion, often by doing genuinely stupid, sometimes even self-destructive, things. E.g., they have to give up their respect for rationalism and objectivity and go along with (1) the flim-flam, fraud, scam of the absurd, no good evidence, claims of global warming caused by sources of greenhouse gasses from human activities, (2) that Trump should be impeached, starting less than 20 minutes after his inauguration, i.e., for something terrible he already did in his first 20 minutes, then for “Russia”, then for “Ukraine”, then for quid pro quo, then for “bribery”, …, (3) amnesty, Social Security, and medical care for DREAMERS (from an illegal Obama executive order) and illegal immigrants, treat them better than we treat our military veterans, (4) spending $90+ trillion to control the weather, etc. That is, to demonstrate devotion to be a member of the fad, one must propose really brain-dead, wack-o, La La Land, destructive stuff, give up respect for rationality, what is legal, for our Constitution, what is good for our country, etc.And as for lots of fads in the past, e.g., tail fins on cars, bell bottom jeans, men’s top hats, ultra wide men’s ties, ultra-narrow men’s ties, really short women’s skirts, smoking, social drinking, longer women’s skirts, SUVs, women’s hair styles, …, some people make money from the fad; maybe some people get power and money from the fad.Or, maybe the Democrat fad members think, sure the Democrat in-group fad just stinks, but if all the Democrats stick together, as they are wont to do since they have given up respect for rationality, they might actually win and, then, sure, try some rationality again.There are plenty of stories about political fads in the past where the members saw that the fad was ugly but told themselves “Once we get into power, there are going to be some changes, some big changes.”.Publicly rejecting respect for rationality is a poor, even dangerous, path to progress.For the current ambitious Democrat in-group fad of impeachment, that will either (i) fizzle out in the House or (ii) reach the Senate with an actual trial with the judge the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS and a majority of Republican senators, and then suddenly this fantasy, smoke blowing, rejection of rationality and fairness nonsense of Schiff, Pelosi, and the MSM will get one massive, rock solid, grown-up reality check and not just fizzle out but be stopped dead in its tracks. At least then the MSM will have an actual “bombshell”.But the Democrats and their high devotion to rejection of rationality, fairness, and the good of the US will have to face the voters in 11/2020. The detritus will be worse than some old bell bottom jeans in a trunk in the attic.How did the Democrat lemming march to the sea get going? Maybe (i) Naaaasty Nancy, the San Francisco Treat, who out of her desire for respect from power, will do just ANYTHING to the US to be Speaker of the House, (ii) a lot of special interests trying to get money, and (iii) the MSM desperate via any means to get headlines for eyeballs for ad revenue.For (i) — (iii), this is the “tipping point”, when “the walls are closing in”, the “beginning of the end”. Good riddance.