Funding Friday: Flash Forest

This project seeks to use drones to plant 1bn trees.

Reforestation is an important part of climate mitigation and reforestation projects are behind many carbon offset programs. So technology like this could make all of that a lot more efficient.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. William Mougayar

    Reforestation is probably one of the easiest and most visible way to witness carbon offsets programs.

    1. awaldstein

      Is there clear data on this?I’ve heard it, want to believe it but would like to review the data and share it with a buddy with a blockchain based regenerative carbon farming project.

  2. Vendita Auto

    I am not a luddite but question the need to efficient. Lets start by subsidising the Amazon through The United Nations via an eco tax.I await the expected only on my doorstep mindset comments

    1. Richard

      1% sales tax on Amazon could support the Amazon.

      1. Vendita Auto

        “Information: the negative reciprocal value of probability” (Claude Shannon)

  3. jason wright

    The Amazon rainforest is arguably now our planet’s most important natural resource. I would have no problem in seeing it taken away (by force if necessary) from sovereign nations and declared a protected habitat under the auspices of the UN.

    1. Richard

      So was Staten Island

  4. Richard

    Use of drones to pick up Cigarette butts on the beach and I’m in. Hell let’s use them to attack cigarette smokers on the beach – it is illegal in CA staring 2020. And federal law requires you to be 21 to purchase – bipartisan !! With Trump signing. Why can’t the haters support Tip there hats to Trump when he does good ? I call it Trump Ostrich Head Symptom or the See no Good, hear no Good, Speak no Good Monkeys

  5. Richard

    That’s a heck of a layers deep incoherent sentence.

  6. JLM

    .Of course, that’s the way that whole legislative branch, executive branch, co-equal thing works, no?Presidents run their lane and Congress runs its lane.But, hate onJLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  7. Richard

    In reality – I gave him credit. You reluctantly agreed. Monkey see – Monkey do.The process you laid out is what’s know as the legislative process. The current president has on several occasions spoke out against tobacco use – many former politicians have not and even dismissed legislation regulating tobacco as somehow targeting the minorities and/or the poor.

  8. awaldstein

    You self control is to be applauded my friend!Have a great holiday!