Funding Friday: The Ifs

You all know that I have a huge soft spot for anything that helps kids learn to program computers and other things and this project does exactly that. I backed it today and am sharing it with all of you.


Comments (Archived):

  1. jason wright

    If climate change does take us back to the Stone Age we may in fact be teaching kids entirely the wrong set of skills. What i’m trying to say is that kids should be out and about, getting dirty in the dirt, skimming stones on the pond, climbing up trees, riding their bicycles, and generally working things out for themselves. That’s what their brains are evolved to evolve to do. Too much middle class programming is too much.

  2. Nick Stuart

    Love everything happening in the STEM/EdTEch Space. I’m curious, what do you think of Unruly Studios? They’re a Boston-based coding toy company that is first to market to encourage “Active Play” while teaching coding concepts.

  3. Patrick Reiter

    Truly novel and compelling. Hope to see this one catch fire.

  4. Ian Fellows

    This looks really cool. The cross cube communication looked like it would add a lot of fun and complexity. I’m interested to see how they bring in loops and other concepts with the three programming “slots.” I love the lack of screens. It feels like a fun toy and not a parent initiated “learning activity.”