Happy Birthday Ollie

Our dog Ollie is eleven today.

Here is a photo of him on the beach with a tennis ball, pretty much his favorite place to be and thing to do.

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  1. JJ Donovan

    If this is a California , Would you be willing to share how you got Ollie to California? Plane? Car?

    1. Donna Brewington White

      Doesn’t look like Cali.

      1. Richard

        Spot on. There are not a lot of grasses in california. Hollywood definitely romanticized the California Beaches. Most of the early Hollywood directors exposure to the beaches were those of the New England, New York, and Miami, the Atlantic. They Pacific and Atlantic Ecosystems are very much different.

  2. Michael Brill

    Yes, this might look like a tennis ball, but it’s actually a prototype of our Blockchain-powered airborne spherical mesh network. With over 400B tennis balls waiting to be retrofitted @ $1K per, we have a $400T TAM and only need to get 90% of that market to break even.We need seed capital of $3m plus 2 (large) bags of liver treats.

  3. William Mougayar

    Dogs are special.

    1. Richard

      Way too many in the cites however. The tonnages of Pooh And Urine are a problem, and are too conveniently ignored.

  4. Tom Labus


  5. Donna Brewington White

    Always love an Ollie sighting. If he had his own social media account I would follow him.

  6. jason wright

    How do you know your dog’s birthday?I’ve had two guinea pigs, two hamsters, and a budgie (i named him ‘Jimmy Carter’). I don’t know what their birthdays were.The two hamsters were both “boys”, until one day they produced five baby hamsters. This was a surprise, to both me and my mother, but it did mean we knew their birthday.

  7. awaldstein

    Nice.Pets make us better people and the world a better place.

  8. lynnerae

    Happy birthday, Ollie! My pup Claude thought that 11 was one of his favorite years ever… and beach time, is always happy time!

  9. Lawrence Brass

    Happy Birthday Ollie, the dog, and Merry Christmas to everyone here at AVC.