Practicing Patience

We went to the Knicks Celtics game last night.

For three and a half quarters the Knicks and Celtics played a tight game and the game was tied at 95 with six minutes left when Coach Fizdale called a time out.

The Knicks came out of that time out befuddled and turned the ball over on three straight possessions which ultimately led to 12-0 run by the Celtics and the game was over.

As we walked out of MSG, I was depressed. More losing.

But my son Josh had a different take. Dennis Smith Jr is finally coming out of his early-season slump. Kevin Knox had a good game after taking a beating in the press recently.

Losing is hard. The Knicks are 4-16 so far this season. There is not much joy in the Garden right now.

But I appreciate Josh’s optimism. By the time we had gotten to dinner, some of it had rubbed off on me.

Patience is hard. Being a Knick fan is great practice.

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  1. kidmercury

    I would be optimistic if I thought Knicks management could make good use of trades or picks. But they are probably the worst run team in the NBA. Just like any business, no real sustainable progress can occur with leadership that is wholly inept

    1. pointsnfigures

      Ahem. The Bulls since Jordan left haven’t exactly been well run

      1. kidmercury

        C’mon man, they had a good run with drose Noah and Butler! That defense was innovative, and garpax deserve serious credit for picking Butler. Also, I think maurkannen could end up being the best player out of his draft class.

  2. Mike Zamansky

    Patience is much easier when you get at least some signs of progress. Can’t say I’ve watched too many Knicks games this year but the Giants are in the same situation. You can enjoy the season as long as you see the young kids coming along. Bonus if you’re getting development + a high draft pick :-)It’s when you don’t see the organization making any progress for the future – that’s when patience is hard.

  3. jason wright

    A virtue that becomes a vice. Behold the Knacks if not careful.

  4. John Pepper

    That’s tough, but watching the Jets lose to the previously winless Bengals (my old hometown team before slowly converting to a Pats fan 25 years ago) would seem to be the ultimate test in patience.

  5. Noah Rosenblatt

    As a like long Nets and Jets fan, I can attest to the point made here. Rock hard patience. That and a good GM to utilize your assets properly. Took the nets a lifetime to find the right one. Jets still looking.. .At some point they should realize, it’s all about that o line! Draft boring Jets! Get that o line in order!

  6. pointsnfigures

    I am a Chicago sports fan. Empathize with the Knicks. Back when the Cubs were making their run in 2016, Cliff Asness showed statistically how it was actually more miserable to be a NY Rangers fan than anything else given the conditional probabilities.When I was a youngster I loved Walt Frazier. Can’t believe it’s been since 1973 that they were winnersFred you might become a Clips/Laker fan since the winter is in LA!

  7. CTC911CTC

    When you bring your kids up right, amazing what you learn from them.

  8. Joe Marchese

    Perseverance furthers… and will be rewarded. But please: a bet on Chuck Dolan’s stupid kid is not the hallmark of a seasoned investor.

  9. Tom Labus

    It mst be contagious for NYC sports teams. I can’t even watch the Giants anymore. But I do have hope for the Nets.

  10. JaredMermey

    A fine line between patience and rationalization, especially when it comes to the Knicks 🙂

  11. William Mougayar

    I was happy to see the Knicks be in the lead during the 3rd quarter.As long as the team keeps improving during the season, gives you a few more wins, and good plays by those leading players, that’s probably the most you could hope from the Knicks this year. It’s tough being towards the bottom of the standing stats. I get depressed when the Raptors lose despite their great record lately. Biggest half time 40 point lead in the NBA season yesterday vs Utah.

  12. Donna Brewington White

    I once heard a great description of patience as being in the present moment. Maybe it is also about making the present moment count.I hate waiting. Especially in lines. But when I focus on the present rather than the next thing I need to do or place I need to be, it does change things. I begin to experience the moment and the opportunities of the present moment. Writing this, it occurred to me that I don’t have to practice patience in lines as much anymore with a smartphone. But that is not patience.Not sure how this applies to the Knicks. I think this is more about dealing with disappointment…or not letting disappointment turn into despair. Love always hopes…Meanwhile, condolences.

    1. William Mougayar

      True. You can’t fuss too much about what you can’t control.

  13. Richard

    No sport requires more patience than baseball. The snow will melt, the grass will grow, the Mets will again give opportunities. In the end, winning matters – another lesson that can be forgotten.

  14. sigmaalgebra

    To HECK with “patience”. If it’s broke, don’t just wait. Instead, FIX it.In this case, what the heck did “Coach Fizdale” see that the Knicks did not? THAT is the issue, the question, the direction, the thing to DO. To heck with patience. Instead use RATIONALITY, what gap in the Knicks offense did Fizdale see? FIND that, and FIX it.

  15. Salt Shaker

    The NY Knicks, where lottery picks go to die. Has it really been that long since the Ewing, Starks, Mase era? Red Holzman is turning in his grave. The lure of money and The Garden for attracting talent is pure fantasy. Corporate tix sales props up the team’s financials, but only new ownership and/or a helluva lot of luck can finally right this ship.

  16. Dan T

    I feel your pain. My sons were die-hard sixers fans throughout their malaise . . .they never gave up and enjoyed the hopeful part. A few years ago we moved to Florida and went to a Sixers game in Miami with all our gear on . .when the sixers were very bad. The Sixers head PR guy noticed us all (family of 6) and invited us on to the floor to sit on the bench and watch the end of warmups. When he yelled onto the court – hey “Joel, this young man is wearing your jersey”, and Joel Embiid came over and said hi and shook hands with my sons . . they were locked in. . .more hope. It’s somewhat paying off now.

  17. JLM

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