Mass Transit In LA

This is the sixth winter we have spent in Los Angeles. One of the things I have had the hardest time getting used to about life in LA is all of the driving.

But starting last year, I found myself using the LA Metro system a bunch. The catalyst was going to Lakers and Clippers games at the Staples Center. I just could not stomach sitting for up to 90 minutes in traffic to attend a basketball game. Instead I would hop on the Expo line in Santa Monica and arrive at the Staples Center 35-40mins later. On the way home, I would grab a ride with a friend or Uber or some combination of both as traffic heading west at 10pm is almost non-existent.

But then I suggested to The Gotham Gal that we Metro it downtown for dinner and Uber it home. We did that once or twice.

This winter, I have already taken the Metro half a dozen times and I am writing this post on the Metro as I’m taking it to Pasadena from Santa Monica today.

The Metro is not as convenient as the NYC Subway. There are fewer lines, six in total, and I still need to drive to get to it from our house.

But being able to read, work, text with my children, and whatever else I might want to do instead of driving, is fantastic and makes LA a bit more like NYC for me. Which is a good thing in my book.

#life lessons