Fan Shares

I’ve written a bit about “crypto adjacent” projects. These are projects that capture some of the aspects/behaviors/benefits of crypto without being full-on crypto projects.

One of these “aspects/behaviors/benefits” of crypto that I like is the fractionalization of ownership. I believe the broader that something can be owned, the better. I also like the idea of early ownership in something by the users. Imagine if all of us who created the content that made Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter what they are got ownership in these services for those contributions. I also like the idea of owning a piece of something that we care about and are passionate about.

Like a basketball player.

I’ve been following Spencer Dinwiddie‘s efforts to fractionalize his NBA contract and sell it in small pieces to his fans.

I like Spencer. He plays for the Brooklyn Nets. He’s fun to watch. He plays with a ton of energy. So the idea of “being in business” with him appeals to me.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to sign up for this offering:

Unfortunately, this offering is only available to accredited (ie rich) investors and is not broadly available to his fan base. That is in order to comply with the laws of the United States, as regulated by the SEC.

So this is not quite like Bitcoin where anyone can buy it and own it.

But it is a step in that direction and I think it is interesting. I want to hang around this rim and see where the ball bounces on this one.