Outschool needs 5,000 teachers to start offering online classes in the next 2 weeks

I tweeted on friday that our portfolio company Outschool, which offers live K12 classes delivered by real teachers over video, would be offering free classes to those who need them for their kids and can’t afford to buy them right now:

As you might imagine, the response to Outschool’s offer has been off the charts (an 11x rise in enrollments) and now Outschool is concerned about running short on classes to offer to families that are temporarily homeschooling their kids.

So Outschool is looking for 5,000 more teachers who can start offering classes in the next two weeks. If you are a K12 teacher who wants to start teaching online during this downtime, or if you know a K12 teacher who would want to do this, please read visit or share this link.

Here is a post by Outschool’s CEO explaining all of this in a bit more detail.

This is a challenging time for all of us, but being a parent with kids at home who want and need to keep learning is a particularly challenging situation. Thankfully we have a technology, online video, that can help. And we have K12 teachers who aren’t at school teaching right now. So getting them online and teaching our kids is a great solution and I hope we can all help Outschool quickly find another 5,000 teachers.

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