Funding Friday: The $1k project

This is the fourth funding friday blog post in which I’ve suggested good causes to contribute to during this pandemic.

March 20th – restaurant workers

March 27th – health care protective gear

April 3rd – feeding people in need

Today, I would like to highlight The 1k project.

The 1K project was built by Alex from NYC, Minda from Seattle, and a group of over 20 volunteers consisting mostly of tech founders

This is an effort to pair people with means with individuals who have lost their jobs and need some help to get through to the other side. A supporter signs up to support one or more individuals who have recently been laid off and have been nominated by their former employer. The support is standardized at $1k per month for three months. I joined here. You can too.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked who referred you. Please say “Fred Wilson” and use this email address for me – [email protected]. That way they will be able to track the supporters who came via this blog post.

#hacking philanthropy