Slowing Down

One of the silver linings to this awful pandemic is that things have slowed down a lot. Not just work. Everything really.

I find myself taking more time to do the dishes, work out, meditate, etc. There is less “racing through the day” and more time to do things right and carefully. We clean the house on Sundays and it takes the two of us almost three hours and while I can’t call it enjoyable, there is a certain satisfaction from doing it well and doing it right.

My inbox has less in it and I can spend more time talking to people; my colleagues, the leaders of the companies I work with, friends in the business, etc. I find myself being more proactive and less reactive.

It feels really good. I would happily trade this good feeling for a world in which nobody is dying and nobody has lost their job. It’s a terrible price to pay for more time.

But we are where we are and we can’t go back and change the course of history.

What I am wondering is how we keep this slower pace when the world gradually reopens. And will we? I hope so because it is showing me the cost of going so fast and the benefits of going more slowly.

#life lessons