Coinbase + Tagomi

Our portfolio company Coinbase announced yesterday that it will acquire Tagomi to build out its institutional prime brokerage business.

This is an important moment in the maturation of the crypto trading business. At USV, we have used Coinbase to transact in the crypto markets and I’ve wanted advanced offerings like we get when we transact in the stock markets like buying or selling on a volume weighted average price (VWAP) and other things like that. Tagomi will bring those kinds of offerings to Coinbase and that will make it easier and better for institutions like USV to trade with Coinbase.

This is also a bit of a reunion for USV as one of Tagomi’s founders, Jennifer Campbell, was an analyst at USV when she co-founded Tagomi. Though USV was not an investor in Tagomi, we’ve always been rooting for Jennifer and her colleagues. Now, as part of Coinbase, we are all on the same team again.

Slowly but surely crypto assets are becoming mainstream holdings for institutions and the prime brokerage offerings from Coinbase will help accelerate that transition.