Funding Friday: The Arbus Box

This pandemic has challenged us all in many ways. But it has also provided time for many of us to tackle things we’ve long wanted to do.

Today, I would like to blog about an example of that.

Kirk Love is well known to many AVC readers. He is also the designer of this blog. And he is a good friend.

Kirk is also very fond of Kickstarter. He has backed over 300 projects on Kickstarter over the years and he has tipped me off to so many great ones that I have gone on to back. And Kirk has always wanted to do a Kickstarter project of his own.

Well he finally found the time to do that and he has a great project up right now called The Arbus Box. I will let him explain it to you (video link here for email recipients):

I backed it earlier this week. If you want to join me in supporting Kirk’s creative project, you can do that here.