Talking About It

I took the day off from AVC yesterday in observance of the moment we are living through. It is a very difficult time.

I spent part of yesterday talking to a number of the leaders of our portfolio companies who are trying to find a footing in this moment and provide the right leadership for their teams. My main advice to them was to talk about what is going on with the entire team, listen to how they feel, and engage now more than ever. I’m hopeful that the right answers for each team will come out of that. I think it is a time to be talking right now.

While I did not write yesterday, my partner Albert did. And he didn’t say much, but what he said was powerful. I agree with him.

It is a confusing time, an infuriating time, and a difficult time.

It is also time to take stock of what we believe, as Albert did, and act accordingly.

#Current Affairs