AirPod Alternatives?

We have been back in NYC for the last month and enjoying the city very much. One of the many things we love about NYC is that we walk everywhere (or most everywhere). I enjoy walking around NYC by myself and listening to music, podcasts, or talking to friends or colleagues on the phone.

But earlier this year, I developed a bad case of Tinnitus. I stopped using the in-ear Airpods and the Tinnitus went away quickly. I am not saying that the Airpods caused the Tinnitus, but they certainly seem to make it worse and so I stopped using them about six months ago. I did not miss them much when I was in my car a lot, but I sure do miss them walking around NYC.

So I am in the market for bluetooth headphones that fit over the ear, not in the ear, that are small, light, and good for walking around with. I just can’t wear my Bose Quiet Comfort headphones (which I love for the office) out on the streets.

So if you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear them. Please click on the button that says “Discuss On Twitter” and leave them there for me. Or reply to the email if you get this blog post that way. I am all ears 🙂