The + Email Hack

I found myself using this hack a few times this week and I thought I would share it. I think many/most of you probably know it, but it is so damn useful that it’s worth sharing it anyway.

If your email is [email protected] and you want to create a new email address that will get email at [email protected], you just put a + and add something. Let’s say you want an email address for a netflix account, you enter [email protected]. To netflix, this seems like a different email address but the mail still goes to [email protected].

This is particularly useful for creating multiple accounts with the same service. Many services don’t let you use the same email address for multiple accounts. So you just add the + and something you will remember and you get around that issue.

This is one of those little things that is super useful and once you know about it, you will find yourself using it quite a bit.

Update: The comments to this post on Twitter tell me that this hack is a gmail feature and is not necessarily available on other email services.

#email hacks