Most Read Blog Posts On AVC

Last month, I wrote about the value of having a list of the most read posts on a blog. I said I wanted to create that for AVC.

Well, I am pleased to let you all know that we built it and it is now live on the AVC archives page. It looks like this:

I am very happy to see Fake Grimlock’s “Minimum Viable Personality” guest post on the list. I stopped having guests posts quite a few years ago now, but no question that was the very best of them.

The other one that I am happy to see on the list is “Employee Equity: How Much?” I know that post has helped so many founders think about that topic over the years.

This is a dynamic list. It pulls from AVC’s Google Analytics account and it will change over time. But some of these posts will stay on it, like the two I mentioned and probably a few others too.

I hope you all like this new feature. I think it is quite useful.