I have written many times here that it is important to me that I control the platform that I publish on. I use the open-source WordPress software for my content management system and run that on a hosted server. I use my own domain, AVC.com, to locate my writings on the Internet. That has served me well. No matter how horrible I become, nobody is going to take me down.

But we can go even further down this path of controlling our destiny. We can decentralize the entire thing; the content management system, the storage of the content, the domain name system.

That is what Mirror is all about. Last week, I competed in the “race” to get the right to have a blog on Mirror. And I came in 10th place, just enough support to get in.

As a start, I am going to mirror this blog on Mirror and you will be able to read it at AVC.mirror.xyz. I have secured AVC.xyz and will eventually move my Mirror blog to that domain.

Is it possible that I will retire AVC.com and move entirely to AVC.xyz? Yes. But I am a fan of one step at a time. So for now, nothing will change.

Except that my content will start appearing on the decentralized web at AVC.mirror.xyz (eventually AVC.xyz). Which is a big deal in my view.