The Coinbase Wallet Browser Extension

Coinbase shipped an important piece of its wallet product portfolio yesterday, the Coinbase Wallet Browser Extension.

You can download the chrome extension here.

If you want to use DeFi apps, buy and collect NFTs, or do anything that requires a crypto wallet in your browser, then the Coinbase Wallet Extension is the best way to do all of those things.

Coinbase Wallet, the mobile app, allows you to sync with your main Coinbase account so that you can hold your crypto at Coinbase and move it to Wallet when you want to transact. I like to think of this like a savings account and a checking account.

And now all of this is available in the browser.

Wallets and storing crypto have been too hard for too long. I am excited for Coinbase to make all of this easier and mainstream.

Disclosure: I am on the board of Coinbase and am a large shareholder.