Science To The Rescue

It would be easy to get depressed reading the morning news. Climate change is happening more quickly. The Covid pandemic shows no signs of abating. And there are all sorts of other things that are challenging our way of life.

But on days like today, I find it helpful to remember that science and technology helps us address these challenges.

We understand the carbon cycle and how far it is out of equilibrium. We also have many of the technologies we need to bring it back to equilibrium. And more are being invented every day.

We also understand the Covid virus and how to create vaccines that reduce its severity. And scientists have developed and continue to develop therapies that will do even more to reduce its severity.

Over the course of history, mankind has leveraged science and technology to meet big challenges and overcome them. And we can continue to do that. We simply need the will to make the required investments and societal changes that go along with them.

#Current Affairs