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Funding Friday: Remotely

I was on a zoom board meeting in early July and one of the board members started whipping out cards instead of interrupting. I captured the moment because I thought it was awesome.

Since then, I have wanted my own set of zoom meeting cards, but never took the initiative to make them.

So when I saw this Kickstarter project, I backed it immediately and went for the reward (which I rarely do) of the complete set of cards.

Email readers should click on this link and watch the video. I think you will want to get some cards too.


Funding Friday: Lifted

AVC regular Charlie Crystle told me that his neighbors are doing a fun Kickstarter. So I went and watched the video (here for email readers):

The video is only 30 seconds and it sold me instantly. I backed it and I bet you will too if you like to drink beer with friends.

It’s a beer opener and a game all in one. It reminds me of what our family does with the chicken bone. So much fun.


Funding Fridays: Agi's

This project has a bunch of things that interest/excite me:

1/ Entrepreneurs committing to building new things in NYC during the pandemic

2/ Young chefs going out on their own

3/ Brooklyn

4/ Jelly donuts

I backed this project just now and took the jelly donuts reward because how could I resist?

The video is great and the project has one more day and is about 10% away from its goal. Check it out. You might like to back it too.


Funding Friday: Getting Through The Winter

I backed Basilica Hudson earlier this week when I saw a friend had backed it in my notifications. Helping a leading upstate arts organization keep going during this pandemic felt like a good thing to do.

This morning, I backed a few other similar projects:

Dirty Precious: Off Premises

Museum Of The Moving Image

As it starts getting colder here in NYC, I have a sense that if we can help these institutions get through this winter into the spring, they can make it through the pandemic and be around when we all will desperately want to be packed in a room with other people again.

Kickstarter’s Lights On category is all about these sorts of projects and I stop by and visit them regularly and back them.


Funding Friday: NextMaker Box

Regular readers will know that I am a huge fan and funder of teaching kids to code. I believe helping young people learn to think logically via coding exercises is helpful to their development in so many ways.

So when I came across the NextMaker project on Kickstarter, I backed it instantly.

NextMaker is a monthly box that comes with a project that your kids can do combining coding with making things. The programming is all block based (visual) so youngsters can do it easily and it is fun for them.

I’m embedding the video here on the web, but if you get this via email, click on this link and watch it.

#crowdfunding#hacking education

Funding Friday: Dear Frontline

I backed this project today to make large scale public art projects honoring frontline workers.

Frontline workers have been and continue to be the heroes of this pandemic. They are out there delivering our packages, stocking our stores, caring for sick people, etc, etc. I really like the idea of honoring them.