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AVC regular and all around fun and smart guy Andy Swan and his brother Landon have built Voomly. Andy came into USV yesterday to tell me and Andy about it. As you would expect, he also brought a signed bottle of Pappy. As JLM would say, it was well played.

Voomly is a service that folks who have expertise can use to build followings and sell subscriptions to newsletters and Q&A services. I joined the service during our meeting yesterday but I chose not to sell any Q&A services at this time. I did pay and subscribe to Andy and JLM on Voomly and have already asked both of them a question and received a reply.

The service is not (yet) a marketplace. It is really just a utility today. But it can certainly become a marketplace over time if this idea takes off.

I can see this being really useful in high value applications like stock trading (a web native GLG?) and betting (a web native tip sheet?). I also think tech support is an interesting category. I am sure there are many others.

Anyway, I like what they have built and think the AVC community ought to know about it. Check Voomly out.