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Spare Batteries

Yesterday at Austin City Limits, I went through two batteries on my Android phone. By midnight, on our way home from a late dinner, the second battery died and the phone shut off. But at least I got a long day of heavy use out of my phone. And that was possible becuase I left the hotel with a fully charged phone and a fully charged spare battery.

Of all the limitations imposed by the iPhone, the inability to take out the battery is the one that mystifies me the most. I understand most of the other choices Apple has made even though I don't personally agree with them.

But to this day, I don't understand how anyone can use a phone that doesn't allow for the use of a spare battery. When a phone is dead, you can't be reached. And with all of the heavy data usage on a smartphone, the battery takes a pretty heavy toll. It seems to me that any credible smartphone in this day and age ought to allow for a spare battery. And yet the iconic smartphone, the one that every other smartphone looks up to, does not.