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I posted about our portfolio company a few weeks ago. In that post, I said: is social. Users have a profile in the service and can send
messages to each other in the service (and via twitter and facebook
very shortly). Objects in the service (news, quotes, charts, public
filings, companies, people) can be sent around like links in twitter
and facebook.

That "very shortly" is now. Tracked released a bunch of social features last night which are live on the website.

Here are the ones I think are important to talk about:

All news items have a share link on them now. Here's the comScore recent news list. Note the share icons on the far right.

Tracked share links 

When you share a story in the service, you have the option to share it only inside Tracked or with Twitter (and Facebook soon). Here's the UI for that. Send to Twitter is not checked by default and you need to connect to twitter via ouath in the Tracked settings to get this functionality.

Send to twitter 

I used this feature this morning to share a story about our portfolio company Zynga. Here's the tweet:

Tracked tweet 

You'll note that there are two links in that tweet. The first is to the Business Week story I tweeted out. The second is to the conversation page in Tracked about the share which looks like this:

Tracked convo 

And of course, all of this activity shows up in your Tracked news feed:

Tracked news feed

One additional neat feature is you can send a tweet to @tracked that will get posted to your Tracked profile messages. I did that just now and it works great.

So that's the gist of how this stuff works. I'd love everyone who is interested in this stuff to give it a spin and let me know what you think.

And to remind all of you about Tracked and what it is all about, I've put up a new widget on the upper right sidebar. This Tracked widget shows the companies and people I am tracking and if there are any new stories on them. You can click on the company or person's name and stay in the widget or you can click on the number of stories and be taken to in a new browser tab. I'd also like to know what you think of the widget.

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