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Conferences (continued)

I don't like to go to conferences. I explained why in this post.

But every once in a while I do attend one. Ideally it's a smallish gathering on a specific topic that I am interested in.

I'm doing that over the next couple days in Denver at Defrag.

Defrag is a conference about mining data for insight, with a focus on social data and semantic analysis. You need to look no further than our portfolio to see that is something I am quite interested in.

So I am flying out there this afternoon and will be in attendance for most of tomorrow's sessions. And I'll be doing a panel with my friends Brad Feld, Roger Ehrenberg, Howard Lindzon, and Jim Tybur on Social Leverage in the venture capital business. That should be fun.

While I am on the subject of conferences, I will also be at New Business Models For News at CUNY School of Journalism today. I am also doing two keynotes in one day next monday. I'll be opening the Social Recruiting Summit and closing the Business of APIs Conference.

All four of these events are the kind of thing I like to attend. They are small, not that well known, focused on a specific issue, and in the case of three of them, in NYC. I hope I'll see some of you at one or more of them.

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