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Easter Sunday

TulipsI don't think its a coincidence that Easter Sunday comes in early spring. It's a time of renewal, both spiritually and weather wise. 

Last evening our family got together for a Passover Seder. We went with a post modern version, called Sayder, that our friends helped craft. Our girls came back from college and brought a host of their friends with them. We ate an awesome meal cooked by The Gotham Gal and had a good talk around the table. The tagline for the Sayder is "less reading, more talk". I like it a lot.

I enojoy living in a place where the weather changes a lot. Although we had a mild winter, I have been wearing a winter coat for the past four months. And that coat is now put away and my Vespa is on the road again. The days are longer and the trees are in bloom and it's getting warmer outside. That's a great feeling and I enjoy it immensely every year when it happens.

I am going out for a walk around the west village to enjoy the sights and sounds of a quiet Sunday morning. I will stop by Abingdon Square and take a photo of the tulips in bloom which I will use as an anchor photo for this blog post, I'll get an espresso at my favorite cafe, and then I'll stop by the store and get the makings of Matzah Brei, and then I'll come home to a full house and a big breakfast with family and friends.

That's my version of Easter Mass. To those who are going to church today including my mom and dad, I say Happy Easter. And to those who have been celebrating Passover this weekend, I wish them "Chag Sameach". And to everyone else, I wish you a gorgeous spring Sunday full of renewal.

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