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Startup Lessons Learned

There are no shortage of conferences you can attend in the startup world. Everyone knows the big ones. But I find the little ones are often much better. One that I have my eye on is Startup Lessons Learned from Eric Ries and his Lean Startup gang.

The conference is in SF on May 23rd. It is a one day affair, which I also like. And they are simulcasting the conference in a bunch of cities around the world. This is a very cool concept and I wish more conferences would do this.

I am shocked that NYC does not have a simulcast location for Startup Lessons Learned yet. If our new USV event space was open, I'd fix that but it won't be open for a few more weeks. So if you have a space that can hold a bunch of people (my guess is up to 50??), then please apply to simulcast this event in NYC.

I think it's well understood that I am a big fan of the lean startup methodology and the program looks excellent. No panels!!! Just case studies, short talks, and keynotes. That's the way to do it.

It's on a Monday so I can't make the whole thing (our team meets on Mondays), but if a NYC simulcast location opens up, I'll certainly stop by to take in parts of the show.

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