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It's Election Day - Go To Your Polling Place And Vote

To all the non US readers, I apologize in advance. This post is not directed at you.

To all the US based readers, do me a favor. Go vote today. I don't care if you are liberal, conservative, or a member of the far center party. What matters is you exercise your right to vote today.

I am going to vote on my way to work. I am going to checkin on foursquare and contribute to this cool foursquare app called I Voted.You do that by including the tag #ivoted in your checkin.

I am going to tweet out my vote. And if I see any problems in our polling place I am going to alert the city via Twitter as Mike Bloomberg suggests:

Bloomberg tweet
It's cool that Mayor Mike uses TweetDeck.

I plan to vote for Harry Wilson for Comptroller (Rep). All the other contests I get to vote on today are not even races, sadly. But even if every single race was not a contest, I would still go out and vote today. It's our obligation as citizens to elect our representatives.

I saw a line the other day that said "if you don't like what is going on in washington, change the people you are sending to washington". Same thing can be said about Albany and City Hall. Today is the day to stop complaining about our government and do something about it. I'm going to and I hope you all do too.