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Update On The Teen Art Gallery

The art world is in NY this weekend for the annual Armory Show. Art is everywhere you look right now. And so I thought I'd use this moment to give you all an update on the Kickstarter project I posted about a month ago.

The Teen Art Gallery project was successful. They raised $10,230 against their goal of $10,000. A photo finish it seems. Congratulations to the entrepreneurial teenagers behind this project.

And so now they will be able to put on the two gallery shows they raised the money to support.

The first show will be on the evening of Thursday, March 29th at Rogue Space in Chelsea. Details are here.

I don't know these kids. But I hope to meet them someday. They are taking matters into their own hands and making stuff happen at an early age. I love seeing that.


The Teen Art Gallery

This is the kind of thing that happens in the age of the Internet and Kickstarter. My daughter Emily told me one of her friends was involved in opening an art gallery and they are using Kickstarter to raise the funds to make it happen.

In their own words, the "Teen Art Gallery is an organization run for teens by teens that features young artists, ages 12-19, in New York City galleries."

If you go about 2mins into this video below, you will see that the teenagers have built an entire organization, filled with themselves, to run this business. Entrepreneurship in action!

They are raising $10,000 to fund two gallery shows this spring in NYC. They've raised almost $4000 so far and have 25 days left. So it's crunch time. The Gotham Gal and I have funded this project and I thought some of you out there might want to join us.

It's youth, art & entrepreneurship all wrapped up into one. And that's a good thing.