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The Thank You Economy

A few years ago, I was doing a talk at some conference. As I came off stage, a guy came on after me. He grabbed the mic and started rapping. Or at least it seemed like he was rapping. I stood on the side of the stage and was mesmerized. Out came advice, stories, staccato, fast and furious, with intensity and passion. I said to myself, "I have to know who this person is."

That person was and is Gary Vaynerchuk and after that moment we became fast friends. We share the same passions; social media, community, technology, business, entrepreneurship, and the Jets. Some of those passions have worked out better than others.

Gary's first book, Crush It, was more or less a bookification of the talk he gave that day. If I could pick one book that would make you quit your job and do a startup, that would be it.

He's followed up Crush It with a second book that went on sale yesterday. It is called The Thank You Economy. Gary sent me an advance copy of Thank You and he asked me to hold off on talking about it until it went on sale.

Thank You is a different book. It is about the power of social media, communities, and real people on your business and brand. Gary talks about how the small store owner knows his customers, greets them when they walk in the door, knows what they want, their family members' names, and what is going on in their lives. And the result is loyalty, trust, and repeatable business. He talks about how social media and communities allow entrepreneurs and brands to do a similar thing at scale online.

Readers of this blog have seen this in action here at AVC. This is a lesson I learned myself seven or eight years ago when I started blogging. And it has impacted everything I do in business. The same is true of Gary.

This is an important lesson for entrepreneurs, business owners, and brands, large and small. Some of you have already adopted this way of doing business. If you have, then maybe you won't find this book that eye opening. For those who are just dipping their toes into these waters, this is a book you need to read. You can get it on Kindle or in hardcover form.