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Revenge Of The Nerds

Sony has a mess on its hands as a result of the numerous hacker attacks on their services. When thinking about this situation, it bears stating that companies and governments ought to be careful messing around with the hacker culture.

As I understand it, celebrated hacker George Hotz hacked the PlayStation 3 and Sony's lawyers went after him hard. What we are seeing now is the revenge of the nerds against Sony.

I am not saying what George did was right (although I am very sympathetic to hackers opening devices like the iPhone, the Kinect, the PlayStation, etc so that developers can build on them). I am not saying that Sony's lawyers weren't in the right when they sued George. This is not a post about what is right and wrong, legally or morally.

This is a post about the realities of the world we live in. Hacker culture is strong and getting stronger. Companies and governments should not underestimate the power of hacker culture to extract revenge on institutions they feel have wronged them. Unfortunately, it looks like Sony did just that and is now dealing with the repurcussions.


Music Hackday NYC

The awesome Music Hackday is coming to NYC. Twilio's John Britton has the news and details. It will take place the weekend of Feb 11th and 12th. Location is TBD at this time. NY Hacker is involved as well.

There have been ten Music Hackdays to date and none of them have been in NYC, which is certainly one of the top music and tech destinations in the world. So now it is our turn to bring it.

If you are into hacking in and around music, I hope to see you there. I plan to swing by a couple times during the weekend and be there for the presentations Sunday afternoon.

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