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Feature Friday: Laptop Stickers

I logged into Turntable a week or so ago and everyone on stage had laptop stickers.

Laptop stickers

I immediately started rummaging around the UI trying to figure out how to get some on my laptop. I figured it out pretty quickly and now when I get up on stage to play music, I'm showcasing some of the well known USV portfolio companies.

This is the start of a virtual economy inside of Turntable. They've got avatars and laptop stickers and all of that is free and accomplishment based. I'm excited to see what they do next with these virtual goods.


Laptop vs Mobile

I took a two day trip Thursday and Friday of this past week. When packing for the trip I debated about bringing my laptop (an 11" macbook air) with me. In the end, I decided to bring it.

I didn't use the laptop on the trip except to write yesterday's blog post. I do a lot of cutting and pasting of links, quotes, etc when I blog and I find that it is still pretty inconvenient to do that on a mobile.

But other than that, I used my android phone for everything else over the course of two days and I was fairly productive.

My friend Bijan wrote a similar post recently about his new iPad3. I have not been able to wrap my head around using an iPad outside my home and office. I don't travel with it the way many do.

But regardless of whether its an iPad, an iPhone, or an Android, it is clear that many of us are starting to leave our laptops home when we travel and rely entirely on mobile devices.

It would be interesting to think about the things that are still inconvenient to do on mobile (like long form blogging) and figure out if there were ways to make it more convenient to do that on a mobile device. It seems like there could be some interesting startup opportunities in solving these remaining hurdles to ditching the laptop entirely.