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I saw this tweet about my interview with Carlota Perez yesterday:

Daniel tweet

I agree with Daniel. Understanding the lineage of thought is critical.

It would be impossible for me to list all the people who have inspired my world view over the years. But there certainly are some who are at or near the top of the list.

Clayton Christensen and Carlota Perez are two people whose work I keep coming back to again and again to the point that much of what I say and do ought to be described as derivative work.

One of the things I love about the web and digital content is the ability of attribution to be attached to the content. When I reblog a post on Tumblr, the attribution comes with it. When I post a SoundCloud track to Tumblr, the attribution comes with it. When I post a photo from Flickr to this blog, the attribution comes with it.

When I listen to music in Turntable, I often "jack a song" from another DJ. That is adding a song they are playing to my DJ queue. Later on, when I get up on stage, I often play those "jacked tracks" and I always take the time to attribute the DJ who I jacked the song from. I've suggested to turntable that the attribution happen natively in the service. I hope they add that feature.

Lineage is important. Lineage of thought. Lineage of genes. Lineage of inspiration. Lineage of content. With the web and digital content, we can begin to track it and make sense of it. That's a big deal.

For those who didn't catch the Carlota interview, here it is:

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