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Steven Johnson at Elisabeth Irwin High School Next Monday

All of my kids have attended Elisabeth Irwin High School in NYC. The school was founded by Elisabeth Irwin 90 years ago. In commemoration of the 90th anniversary, they are doing a speaker series with noted thinkers, artists, authors, and activists.

When the school asked me last year for ideas of people who could speak about big ideas in and around the subject of technology, the first person I thought of was my friend Steven Johnson. One thing led to another and Steven said yes and he will be at Elisabeth Irwin HS next Monday night.

Steven has been hard at work finishing a new book called Future Perfect. I've read the early version and it is a fantastic treatise on the potential for technology and the Internet to lead us to a new political worldview. Talk about big ideas!

There are something like 60 seats available at the time of this post for next monday night's talk. The ticket price is $20. If you'd like to attend, go here and buy a ticket online. You can also call to get a ticket. Details are here. I hope to see you there.